Get Started with C Programming

If you want to know on how to get started with C programming then scroll down.I have kept a video on how to install and run your first c program on any machine as well as step as step guide to those who want to read it in a very easy manner.

Step by Step Guide to Install C and Run C Program using Command Prompt(cmd) as well as CodeBlocks

Step 1
- Open your Browser and type in codeblock
- Goto to Code Blocks and go to downloads section
- Click on "Download the binary release"
- Click on codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup or just click on the link below to download
Click here to download codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup
- Install the software keep clicking on next

Step 2 /*If you want to run it on windows cmd then step 2 -step 5*/    // 1st way
- After successful installation Goto program files
- Goto CodeBlocks-->MinGW-->Bin
- Copy the address of bin it should somewhat look like this
C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin

Step 3 
- Open Control Panel-->Goto System-->Advance System Settings-->Environment Variables
- Environment Variables--> Click on Path which is inside System variables
- Click on edit and add the copied path to it:-
C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin
-Press Ok!

Step 4
- Create a folder  wherever you like
- Type in a c program on notepad and save it inside the folder like filename.c

Step 5        /* RUN C PROGRAM */
- Goto to Command Prompt(cmd)
- Compile command for windows commmand prompt :-     gcc -o filename filename.c
- Execute/Run for windows command promt: -   a.exe        OR           filename.exe //(for me "hello" is the filename)

Step 6 /*ELSE If you want to directly run it on CodeBlocks IDE step 7*/      //2nd way
- Open new source file-->Save as file name.c-->BUILD and RUN

Step 7
- Finished

On the left/top just click on the type of c program to which you want to refer or just click on the links given below.It contains lots of c programming examples with basic c programs , c programs on number patterns  , c programs on alphabet/character patterns , c programs on star patterns , c programs on functions and recursion , c programs on arrays and pointers  & c programs using structures.

These C programs have been made with keeping in mind about everyone who love to code but sometimes find it hard to understand the program due to many reasons.So we have given logic of each and every program as well as its output so as to make sure that the program is easier for everyone to understand as well that the program works for sure.

We will be adding more and more c programs and you all can also request for a program or code and we would love to help you all with programming or any other related queries.

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